Sunday, June 03, 2007

Wii will rock you

The Wii has invaded our home. It started back at Christmas when Jim got his year-end bonus from work. I told him that as far as I was concerned it was his money to spend as he wanted. And he wanted a Wii. For the next five months we were on constant Wii alert whenever we made our monthly shopping trek down to Yakima. Jim scoured Costco, then Toys'R'Us, and sometimes even Target or Walmart. They were always sold out. Toy'R'Us would taunt him by saying that they would be getting a shipment in the next day (Sunday), but since we don't shop on Sundays this only served to further infuriate him, to fuel his obsessive quest. Jim even went so far as to get his friends in Seattle to try and scout one out there, but they didn't have any more luck than he did.

Then in May, the quest attained its goal aided by an unlikely ally: me. I was down in Yakima alone, shopping for baby quilt fabric, and decided to do a Costco run while I was there. Strolling down the aisles of the electronics section, I happened upon a pallet that contained the grail: and only eight left! It's true; I'm an enabler, but I'm an enabler who realizes that her husband is a six year-old trapped in a thirty-six year-old's body. Jim is an avid (bordering sometimes on obsessive) gamer. Mostly it's a healthy way for him to get some time to himself and unwind after work. It only gets out of control when he's stressed out. He often tries to cajole me into playing with him, but my approach to computers is more pragmatic: they're tools for me to accomplish some task more quickly and easily, be it communicating with family and friends, writing, or managing our family dinner calendar. So I usually politely decline and leave the games to Jim.

Ever since we got the Wii, he and Jimmy spend some time each day playing together, usually Wii Sports like bowling or golf. In fact, it was only a week or two after we got it that Jimmy beat his dad at Tiger Woods golf. He's already an ace with bowling, and last night he knocked out his babysitter in a boxing match. Just last week Jim actually got me to bowl with them one evening after dinner. I'd only admit to it under coercive measures, but I actually had fun—and my average is much better on Wii than at the bowling alley. I hate to say this, but I can feel it; he's starting to bring me over to the dark side. Or should I say, starting to bring Mii?

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aubrey said...

that is hilarious. more and more i'm hearing of people who are in love with their wiis. i need to check this out. i'm sure paul would not be opposed to it!