Sunday, June 17, 2007


This is my baby sister, Meredith. Isn't she gorgeous? Her eyes are to die for, and she writes killer poetry, too.

Yesterday we drove over the mountains to Seattle for Meredith's high school graduation. Of the nine sisters in our family (four born to my Mom and Dad, one born to Mom and Mark, two born to Mark and Millie, and two cousins adopted by Mark), four of us were there: Meredith, Dory, Ramona, and me. It was wonderful to be together and rekindle that connection so unique to sisters. And even the ones not there (Elaine, Kathy, Mahana, Margaret and Ruth) were part of the connection, their love felt across the miles.

We're all so proud of you, Meredith: your determination, integrity, intelligence and compassion are an inspiration. You've just passed a milestone on your way to a brilliant future. And we, your sisters, are behind you all the way, girl!


aubrey said...

she DOES have beautiful eyes. what a fabulous post. this was the weekend of graduations! what a fun time and congratulations to your sister!

chckkysmile said...

I love you so much.