Friday, June 22, 2007

He's so cute... when he's asleep

Last night as I was climbing the stairs to get ready for bed, Jim whispered to me from Jimmy's room, "Hey, honey, take a look at this!"

Despite the sultry night, Jimmy had gathered his little posse of plush pals around him for a good snuggle, and in the process reminded me how much I love my little rascal—a much needed reminder, after a cranky week's worth of whining, backtalk, and pushing the envelope of appropriate behavior. I hadn't put the band of gypsies on speed dial yet, but this came just in time.


Clockworkchris said...

adorable-this picture is to die for. I wish I had a child so badly. I just need to grow up first.

chicklegirl said...

Chris, you're smart to wait, because it will take everything you have (and even more than that, some days). It's worth it, though!