Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Chocolate moose tracks

Not that there was ever any doubt that Jimmy is my son, but his taste in dessert definitely came from my side of the family. Not only does he eat cake like me (lick off all the frosting, ask for another piece) but he's got that uncanny predilection for chocolate ice cream.

Not to mention an amazing talent for licking the last possible drop from the bowl, the spoon...

...and every single finger. Yeah, it's a gift.

My little deer in the headlights, confronted by the imminent prospect of collision with a washcloth (you're going to do what to my moose track goatee?)

And I just noticed this, but it seems like the last few times I've posted pictures of Jimmy, he's been wearing a red shirt. For the record, he does own (and actually wears) shirts in other colors. Go figure.

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lemon square said...

mmm... chocolate, peanut butter...