Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I had trouble in getting to solla sollew

As a child, I was fortunate to have a family that encouraged and supported my voracious love of reading. In particular, my Dad's father and his wife sent me books or magazine subscriptions for almost every Christmas and birthday present. I still have some of them, and they're among my most cherished possessions. One Christmas back in the 1970s they sent me a multi-volume anthology of Dr. Seuss stories. Of the dozens of tales included, one of my favorites was "I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew", in which the protagonist is on a difficult journey to the elusive Solla Sollew, "where they never have troubles, at least, very few."

Funny how when life gets crazy, you can be grounded and find comfort in what you learned as a child, even from the most unlikely sources. Over the last couple of days, I keep thinking back to that story, and how the hero learned that in the search for an easy life, it is actually our challenges that teach us and help us grow. Most of all, the clever rhymes that have stuck with me for decades remind me that keeping a sense of humor is paramount.

Forget kindergarten; all I ever needed to know I learned from Dr. Seuss!

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