Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Glucose blues

I went in yesterday for my monthly prenatal checkup. Let me just preface this by saying that since my last checkup I have been faithfully sugar-free. My one slip-up was about a week into the change when we were eating out at a Chinese restaurant and without thinking, Jim handed me a fortune cookie. I wasn't thinking either, and bit in. As soon as I swallowed the first bite, I realized my mistake and put the cookie down.

Nurse Debbie weighed me in and evidently all my hard work has paid off: I didn't gain any weight in the last month. I know I've been getting bigger, but my body must be redistributing my "assets". I was elated. Not so much when twenty minutes later we got the results of my regular pee-in-a-cup test, and my urine once again had sugar in it. So now I have to take another glucose screen—and yes, it will be the full-on, three hour, human pincushion version. Oh, and more bad news: I won't have another ultrasound until a week or two before the baby comes, so I'll have to wait even longer than I thought for the chance to find out if we're having a boy or girl.


In a moment of anger last night I told Jim that I might as well have been eating ice cream all month long, for all the good that going sugar-free has done me. He rightly pointed out that isn't true, but it still stings me that I might wind up with gestational diabetes after all. And it will sting even more if I do have it, since I will have to poke myself four times a day to test my glucose levels.



Dory said...

Oh Honey,
Your sweet enough without all the sugar. Our blood just seems to go that direction in this family. The combined genetics of our Mom and Dad make for less than enjoyable pregnancies. I know that I worked hard on my last last pregnancy to eat right, excercize, and get as healthy as possible. It didn't seem to make a difference, at least not when it came to information. The up side is that the glucose test errs on the side of caution, because they can do alot to prevent problems if they identify early those that MAY be heading in that direction. Keep up the good work and I am sure that when that baby delivers it will be a beautiful healthy baby. The nature of our work as Mothers, especially in pregnancy, is sacrifice. This is human sacrifice in essence. You are an amazing, strong, goddess, and best of all, you have a sense of humour. You'll prevail. LOVE YOU!

chicklegirl said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It's nice to know that in my darker moments, I have a loving voice to remind me of what really matters: that healthy baby. You're the best, Dory!

aubrey said...

oh that SUCKS about the glucose testing. i'm sorry katie! are you SURE you can't get another ultrasound. when i was prego with ava my doc understood my need to see ava as much as possible and make sure it was a girl. so, i just asked him and he wrote out a note that it was "necessary" so that the insurance company covered it. it's worth a shot to ask your doc.