Monday, March 30, 2015

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

2015 may just be the Best. Year. Ever. (so far)

I admit it: I've been so busy writing fiction, I've ignored my poetry--to the extent that I didn't realize one of my poems got published over a year ago.

Back in 2012, I submitted "Lacuna" to the LDS women's magazine Segullah, and they accepted it for their last print issue. What I didn't realize is that they added it to their e-zine in February 2014. Check my sidebar for the link.

In other, even more fabulous news, my pitch for The Door to Yesterday was selected for NaNoWriMo's 2015 Pitchapalooza. If I win, I get a free 1-hour consultation with the Book Doctors, to help me hone my pitch to perfection as I begin my epic quest for a literary agent, which is slated for this spring. Please stop by Pitchapalooza 2015 and vote for my pitch. Then, you can say you knew me before I was famous.

Thanks in advance!