Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Diaper bag envy

So far I've put off buying baby things because we don't know yet whether we're having a boy or girl. A few weeks ago, though, I was looking for something in Jimmy's closet and spied, languishing in a corner, the tired red diaper bag I used when he was a baby. It looked rather forlorn, its usefulness outlasted, but it got me thinking. The things I liked about the red bag were its sturdy construction, functionality and bold color. Best of all, it was cheap—not poorly made, but it rang up at a modest $35. World-class tightwad that I am, I've never been able to justify spending a lot of money on something I know will get dragged through the mud, spit up on, and possibly worse.

This time around I'm raising my standards. As I started my online diaper bag research, I realized I want all the same things embodied in my old red diaper bag, and more: I want cute. I'm even willing to pay a little extra for cute, although I still prefer to not break the bank. Anything above the $100 mark is definitely overpriced (*cough* Petunia Pickle Bottom *cough*). I'd prefer to stay under $75 if at all possible. So I was cruising around on, eBay, and Google, and then I found it.

Behold the Kecci Shanghai II Mommy Bag in Blackberry. Cute and economical, it's roomy, with plenty of pockets, and includes a changing pad (not actually attached to the bag, which was the one failing of the old red diaper bag).

Kecci even makes a matching security blanket. Do you think that would be too over the top?


chckkysmile said...

In response to your last sentence: YES.

lemon square said...

no way. i love over the top. it's a girl for heaven's sake.