Monday, June 25, 2007

On pins and needles (part 1)

"I hate waiting."

So says Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride, as he languishes atop the Cliffs of Insanity, marking time while the Dread Pirate Roberts laboriously scales the precipice below. Like Inigo, I'm ill at ease when waiting. suggests some of the following synonyms for "ill at ease":

edgy, fidgety, on tenterhooks, on edge, overwrought, worried stiff, tormented, fretful, hung up, and (my favorite, which seems in this case to be particularly apt) on pins and needles

This morning I showed up at the lab at eight a.m. for my glucose screen, having fasted twelve hours, and feeling rather weak and cranky. The lab staff tried to pull up my record but couldn't find it until they noticed that I was actually scheduled for testing tomorrow. Looking back at my planner I realized that Nurse Debbie and I had in fact set the appointment for Tuesday (I had even written it down correctly), but for some reason my brain was set on Monday, and that's when I showed up. Those lovely lab ladies, who are so nice, rolled with it and decided to go ahead and do the test today since I was there and ready. Here's the catch: Debbie had scheduled me for Tuesday because she and Dr. Herman were going to be out of the office today. So even though I swilled the vile glucose beverage and subjected myself to needles and poking, I have to wait until Debbie is back tomorrow to find out if I've got the dreaded gestational diabetes.

Like Inigo, my suffering is of my own doing; he could have prevented having to wait so long if he hadn't allowed Vizzini to cut the rope at the top of the cliff, forcing the Dread Pirate Roberts to slowly climb with his bare hands.

And if I had just checked my planner... (to be continued)

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