Saturday, February 09, 2008

Ten by ten

The task at hand: ten stanzas about me
ten couplets full of useless facts, you’ll see

I write calligraphy, draw, paint, can fruit
do triathlons and sew myself a suit

each number and each letter I’ve assigned
gender; as a synesthete, it’s only in my mind

I’m loyal but I tend to talk too much
forget birthdays, thank you cards and all such

I’m kind but have an unforgiving heart
procrastinate a task when loathe to start

my urge to fold and stack towels just so
is bordering compulsion, yes, I know

no less obsessive is my closet’s view
of all-white hangers, sorted clothes by hue

somehow housework dodged my neurotic streak
I only scrub my toilets each fourth week

my predilections run to hounds-tooth plaid
cheesecake, new shoes, massages, being glad

I would take the burnt bacon slice, before
to be nice; I don’t do that any more.

Deb at Stoney Moss tagged me with a meme to write ten stanzas about myself. After several attempts, I finally settled on this rather silly version in iambic pentameter. I'm tagging people who don't usually put poetry on their blogs because I'd love to see what they write: Dory, Ruth, Meredith, Margaret, Lo, Hilary, Aubrey, NCS, Kim and Dean (yo! Dean, you're the only person I know without a single post on your blog; what's up with that?!)


aubrey said...

i loved this but i had to exclaim in agony when i saw my little name at the end. alas, i will try to make you proud. ..or at least give you something to read.

aubrey said...

ok. well i did it. it only took me two hours. but check it out.

No Cool Story said...

*clap clap clap*
That was so fun!! =D I loved it!

No Cool Story said...

I just read Aubrey's. Is mine supposed to look like that? I don't think I can do it ;)

...deb said...

This is delightful, not "silly"!

What a fun way to learn more about you, and rhymed verse, too. You're braver than me.

You disclose much in this, beautifully.

chicklegirl said...

Aubrey—you totally rocked it. See my comment on your post.

NCS—the whole point is for you to do your own thing. So it can look however you want; be creative!

Deb—aw, thanks. I actually love to write rhymed poetry but it's been a LONG time and I'm pretty rusty, so this was a good exercise for me to try and make it meaningful and fun, but still rhyme. Thanks for giving me a reason to do it!

Crafty Green Poet said...

excellent, it flows beautifully and you use rhyme really well

No Cool Story said...

creative? Oh honey.

chicklegirl said...

No, no, NCS... I know better than that--you're totally creative (you just need to stop comparing yourself to your sister). Just have fun with it, be silly, loosen up, don't expect perfection... that's usually when the most wonderful, brilliant things happen. I've read your blog; I know what you are capable of!

chicklegirl said...

On the other hand, NCS, if this makes you really uncomfortable, I will not think less of you if you'd rather not do it, OK? I don't want to make you feel pressured. So if it ceases to be fun, don't sweat it.

Mr. Talkypants said...

OK, with that kind of shout-out, how can I resist! I've long held that the world is Not Ready for a compilation of my thoughts... but perhaps it's time to revisit that assumption.

Mr. Talkypants said...
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chckkysmile said...

I only made it to seven....check it out, man!