Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ode to hips

A girl
straight and narrow
as a pliant green stem
their force carried me
up trees, down rocky beaches
through deep blackberry tunnels
past secret unseen places
to sunlit ends

Puberty’s first fragile bloom
shapely swelled them
embarrassed at the stranger
my body had become
I hid, shamed and shameful
in shapeless layers of denial
my light beneath a bushel

Then a woman
come into full flower
finally embracing my fecund curves
accepting all the fertile promise
their span encompassed
ripe in every glorious sense
radiant with ecstasy

At last, fruition:
one tender bud
and then another
nourished by their strength
power now girdled
in a soft glow of silvery stretch marks
earned and worn with pride.


gautami tripathy said...

To say a cliche, girl you are woman now!

I simply loved this nodding all the way!

ode for convoluted crevices

Leigh Lear said...

very nice

anthonynorth said...

Excellent poem. You could class them as marks of joy for what was produced in gaining them?

Christine said...

Not only is your poem an ode to hips, it also celebrates being a woman. I related well to the adolescent years you describe too. Very nice!

PS I don't think I've told you how much I like your blog's name, and the header. So lively and colorful!

paisley said...

i am apprehensive to accept this phase of womanhood,, but i am sure it will eventually grow on me,, as the others fit quite nicely... i think it took me 46 years to feel what you did as an adolescent... maybe i am in some ways just a slow learner.... loved this....

Linda Jacobs said...

Those stretch marks absolutely make the poem! Love it!

Meera Kannan said...

Pretty Woman, walkin down the street..pretty woman, the kind i like to meet! Pretty poem & pretty feelings of pride & power! :)

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Very candid poem - looks like you can, and you did it very well!

...deb said...

There are some terrific lines here to give your encompassing poem "legs". (Sorry :^) )

"power now girdled"
is my favorite...I love how you turn that word on its head. (Sorry again.)

chicklegirl said...

Gautami, Leigh--thank you!

Anthony--Definitely marks of joy, although it took me a while to figure that out.

Christine--Yes, I wanted this to show the joy I've found in being a woman, the journey of finding that joy. And thanks for the kind compliments about my blog. I've tried to make it look playful so I can relax and be silly (which is sometmes hard for me to do).

Paisley--It can be difficult to be comfortable in our skin; the sense of content and confidence comes and goes for me. But I find my poems, when I can tap into a sense of positive empowerment, become a self-fulfilling prophecy that keeps me going.

Linda--when I was complaining abut them shortly after my first baby, my sister wisely reminded me my stretch marks were badges of courage and sacrifice, and I've been much more appreciative of them since.

Meera, Sweettalkingguy--thanks!

Deb--no more PUNishment, please (but keep the praise coming...) :)

chicklegirl said...

And Deb, I was only kidding; I LOVE puns!