Monday, February 11, 2008

You like me, you really like me

Ah, yes... it's awards season. Again. Still? Time for red-carpet fashion faux pas, effusive acceptance speeches, and a lot of mutual admiration hoo-hah.

This year I'm not as irritated with it all as I usually am, because: a) it's sadistic fun to see the Academy sweating though the WGA strike and trying to plan a big night that may not actually happen; and 2) I've actually won some awards, too! First it was Aubrey giving me an "excellent" rating, and now NCS has bestowed upon me:

Thanks, chica! It's almost like I've won a Golden Globe and an Academy Award! [Insert long-winded, self-serving speech here.]

The best thing about this type of award (unlike an Oscar) is I get to share it with others. I'm passing it on to Aubrey and Margaret, who both go out of their way to post beautiful photos and positive, inspiring thoughts on their blogs, as well as in the comments they leave for others.

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