Saturday, February 23, 2008

If at first

If at first I

keys, wallet, nerve
perspective, temper, mind

toilet paper, gasoline, food
money, talent, time

places, numbers, dates
appointments, people, promises

fail to
floss, recycle, exercise
savor, pray, create

lazy, snippy, clumsy
vain, vindictive, depressed

and worst of all, I
unleash my tongue to
a full measure of its mordant potential
against those I most love

a second chance
is simply insufficient to
refocus, repent, remember

how I am also
generous, funny, faithful
a seeker after truth

and so like the sun
I rise again each morning.


paisley said...

this was a wonderful rollick thru life as we know it... i really enjoyed reading it

Dory said...

Life is after all a series of firsts that introduce us to life's lessons. I love the way you summed so much up. It reminds me that so many of my own mistakes have been simply me getting to know myself better.
Love you lots!

aubrey said...

i love this. especially:

and worst of all, I
unleash my tongue to
a full measure of its mordant potential
against those I most love

Selma said...

I like the rhythm of this, it is like you are walking as you say it. Your observations of your life match mine. Very well said!

tumblewords said...

This is perfect! Haven't we all raced through these events and wish for a second chance... wonderful!!

ren.kat said...

If we all knew we were rising suns, the world would be a lot brighter (*groan!), seriously, it would.

UL said...

Applause, you say it so well...

Rambler said...

it was so lyrical :)

anthonynorth said...

Aren't we all.
Nicely said.

Leigh Lear said...

LOVED this.

LittleWing said...

ok, thaz a keeper...full circle...great response to the prompt...

keith hillman said...

Thats terrific! A smile a line!

lemon square said...

maybe my favorite.
REALLY nice.

chicklegirl said...

Paisley--gotta have a sense of humor, or life just isn't bearable, right?

Dory--that's so true; knowing who we are takes practice. Love you, too. Hugs to Gavin and the girls!

Aubrey--oh, yes; that has got to be my very worst failing! But owning it here and in this way has helped me to really think about it in the light of being able to change if I just do it one day at a time (poetry as spiritual therapy).

Selma, Tumblewords, UL, Rambler, Anthony, Leigh Littlewing, Keith--thank you for your kind words!

Ren.kat--that was a groaner, but I love puns, too, so thank you!

Lyd--that means a lot.