Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lunatic fringe

As in, my hair is making me utterly insane. Last time I cleaned my bathroom, I swept up enough hair to make myself a wig. Not a Burt Reynolds rug, mind you; I'm talking one of those foofy Eva Gabor specials.

After two months, the mass exodus of hair to all points distant from my head is finally starting to taper off. Now the problem is this bizarre little fringe growing back in at my hairline which no amount of hairspray, gel or serum can beat into submission. A sufficient amount of product to tame it simply does not exist. I finally trimmed my bangs quite a bit shorter than I usually wear them to try and camouflage the renegade regrowth. It's working. Sort of.

And no, my cranium is not actually as disproportionately large as it appears in this picture.


No Cool Story said...

Ugh, I hate that.
I lose a lot of hair too, when it starts to grow back is a pain :P
All these little hairs sticking out. Boo.

Hilary said...

Alas...sigh...I have problems in this area as well. For starters, my cranium IS disproportionately large (but I'm used to it by now); but the biggest proglem is how quickly my hair is opting for a somewhat lighter shade (some would call it gray). :( Shall we start a club?

aubrey said...

oh man, i hated when that happened! i STILL have those lame pokey things in front. sorry, girl!

chicklegirl said...

NCS--now I see why SHG is so happy: she wears a hat.

Hilary--I'm finally over the gray issue. Coloring it (except maybe for my 20-year reunion) is just too much trouble, and right now I need to be as low maintenance as possible.

Aubrey--your hair always looks adorable, so you must do a great job of hiding the wispies. Maybe I need to follow your example and go to a really good stylist...