Friday, February 15, 2008

Flashback friday: love stinks

Since Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love, the day after should, I think, be dedicated to mourning its loss—or at least to commemorating how heartbreak lends perspective and, let's face it, a bit of drama, to what might otherwise be a pefectly boring, passionless, respectable life.

So today I'm digging back in my poetry notebook to some of my old unrequited-love-and-break-up-catharsis poetry. But before I do, really quick, here's a clip from my favorite scene in that great 80s flashback flick, The Wedding Singer:

Okay, we now resume our regularly scheduled programming...

Did I Forget? (October 1986)

Did I forget to tell you
how beautiful you are?
I wasn't sure—
I was so busy yesterday.
But I saw you across the room
down the hallway
through the bus window
and you were beautiful each time.

Still Friends (May 1993)

It might be easier if I never saw you again
just so I wouldn't have to fight
wanting to hold your hand
putting my head on your shoulder
remembering how my heart beats faster
when you kiss me goodnight
how I could call you any time
and talk for hours about anything and everything
the funny things you say and the way you laugh
the things your smile still does to me
every time I see you.
I've read so many melodramatic rantings of lost love:
anger, jealousy, desperation, or love-turned-hate.
Somehow, I can't relate.
All of that is overcome by wanting to do what's right
to show my love for you
by letting you be with the person you love
...and what's left
is the ache, lingering dull and real
because we're still friends.

Untitled (August 1993)

To say I cry myself to sleep
is almost, not quite true
for even when I cease to weep
I think all night of you.


paisley said...

what a special trot down memory lane... i think i can identify with each poem... lost love.. nothing like it to really wake up the muse in you huh?????

aubrey said...

i clearly remember that dull feeling when you have to pretend that that love is not there while he continues on with his and such. it sucks.

No Cool Story said...

Those are good! I loved the last one.

chicklegirl said...

Paisley--ain't it the truth? The angst of my teens and early twenties was rife with drama, and thus full of inspiration for all kinds of intense poetry. I used to think I wouldn't have anything to write about when I suddenly found myself in a happy marriage and family life. Fortunately, I got over that!

Aubrey--It does suck; I'm glad to not be dating anymore. Definitely a compelling motivation to be committed and to whatever it takes to stay happy and emotionally healthy in my marriage!

NCS--Awww, thanks!