Thursday, December 20, 2007

Human hairball

I'm shedding. Again. Last time I was afflicted by this kind of follicular bid for freedom, it was the same. Jimmy was between three and four months old, and suddenly I started to notice my hair everywhere: on floors, furniture, clothes, the driver's seat headrest, my child, my hairbrush, clogging drains, blasted to walls by my blowdryer—and suprisingly (considering the amount of hair elsewhere), still on my head. I was rather freaked out until I flipped through my "what to expect" books and read about postpartum hair loss, known scientifically as telogen effluvium (now there's a term with a tasty ring to it).

As much as I love all the overtime with my lint roller, vacuum and broom, the really fun part comes a couple months from now when all the new little hairs growing back are about an inch long and sticking out in weird tufts along my hairline, and I have to try and beat them into submission with extra styling goop and hairspray.

Good thing I live in Ellensburg where it's so windy that most days are bad hair days anyway.


aubrey said...

oh i cleeearly remember this. and for some odd (and annoying) reason i still have the short spiky hairs along my hairline. bummer.

No Cool Story said...

...and sticking out in weird tufts along my hairline

Ah, good times, good times!

Dory said...

i am soo with you and not enjoying it. gotta make sacrifices for the baby love.

Margaret said...

You are hilarious! I was cracking up reading this! I can totally relate! I am still finding hair in surprising places.No fun at all.