Friday, April 04, 2008

NaPoWriMo #4: refrigerator

Here's that silly poem I was trying to write the other day when all my maternal hang-ups got in the way.

Fridge Raider

My refrigerator boasts a most astounding range
of science experiments both wonderful and strange
so numerous, in fact, I can only list a few
I'll hold the door wide open, so please, enjoy the view
of rancid pork chops, sour milk, fuzzy cottage cheese
a few shriveled small round green things that used to be peas
rubbery yellow Jell-O, limp lettuce, rotten eggs
an old bottle of ketchup emptied down to the dregs
potatoes covered with sprouts that have started to grow
mayonnaise last opened at least a year ago
dried up mustard with no lid, club soda long gone flat
moldy left-over tuna I meant to give my cat
lastly, something way in back I can't identify
better get a move on—I've got groceries to buy!


polkadotwitch said...

we can all relate! we save leftovers with the best intentions. ...

Margaret said...

That was hilarious! Now I gotta check what funky science experiments I got going on in my fridge.

paisley said...

why is it we never use any of that stuff??? i don't get it.. and yet as i sit here and finish half of my lunch... i know i will save the rest!!!

Deborah Vatcher said...

This is a delight. With two children of my own, I can't even begin to tell you what's lurking in our own Frigidaire. At least we have a dog and a couple of goats to help with the leftovers! Loved this poem!