Wednesday, April 02, 2008

NaPoWriMo #2: sandburg

I've been reading The Complete Poems of Carl Sandburg for the past few days. His writing leaves me in awe: the accessibility, ruggedness, optimism, simplicity and sheer command of language. He has a way of expressing big ideas, important things, in the most basic terms. I would be envious if I wasn't so utterly enthralled. Okay, so I am envious; how could I not be? But it's not a depressing, rancorous envy because somehow his poetry makes me think anything is possible.

Including things I've never tried before. So here's my first attempt at prose poetry. Please, don't laugh. Too hard.

Sandburg on a Stationary Bike

I am one of the people yes a dozen of us dark driving before dawn parking in our solitary spots ascending cement steps through our own frozen breath hanging on still air some young punk stole stainless steel L from pool through glass I see silver-haired slow lane ladies but I’m not swimming today so I push open warped wooden weight room door still smelling chlorine now mixed with stale sweat after it closes water bottle and thick book of his complete poems propped in front of me soaking up some solace within cinderblock walls painted mismatching shades of pale aqua reading while riding self-credulous in slow motion harmony of simultaneous physical and mental wheels spinning getting where I want to be even though it may look like I’m going nowhere.

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paisley said...

this is becoming quite the trend as of late... this prose poetry... all my prose ends up being poetic in some ways as i use so much punctuation... but i am inspired to try a prose poem after having read this... wonderful write....