Saturday, April 19, 2008

NaPoWriMo #17: survivor

Writers Island's two prompts this week are "survivor" and "triumph". This is short and sweet but it combines both prompts without too much of a stretch.

Joy in the Journey

Just getting by is a triumph some days
but I want more than to merely survive
coping crisis to crisis; my soul says
find joy in love, life, creation and thrive.


shubd07 said...

It may be short ..but is really very sweet :)

So true that some days truly are difficult to get through but if you look for the positive ..surprisingly you WILL find it !

anthonynorth said...

An aspiration to be more. Very worthy.

keith hillman said...

My soul tells me that too. Not quite thart easy though!

Congratulations on keeping up with MaPoWriMo. I'm still hanging on in there too!

paisley said...

i only know that a soul is never truly content,, were everything running smoothly,, you would be bored and seek excitement... we are never happy are we????

Rambler said...

I like your idea..never settle for getting by days..not just survive.

Tammy said...

Listening to your soul is priceless! Thanks for the reminder.

Rob Kistner said...

Powerful insight... bravo!