Saturday, April 12, 2008

NaPoWriMo #11: chance encounter

One of the prompts at Writer's Island this week was... you guessed it: chance encounter. This immediately made me think of how Jim and I met almost fourteen years ago (our thirteenth anniversary will be next month), so be prepared for a little bit of sappiness. After the title, it gets less sappy.

Love at First Sight

Unsuspecting, I arrived with friends
completely unglamorous
in my denim short overalls
white tee-shirt and saltwater sandals
love at first sight at a barbeque was
utterly unexpected, let alone
true love at first sight at a barbeque
if I had known
I certainly would have dressed the part
for such a pivotal moment
instead, with perfect precision
you sank an ice cube
into the large pocket
on the front of my overalls
and six hours later
or was it seven?
I lost count
you drove me home.

Fast forward nine months
no, I’m not that kind of girl
just an impulsive one
anticipating, I arrived with family
completely breathless
in my tea-length gown
white flowers in my hair
love after such a short courtship seemed
utterly foolish, let alone a
love that might last forever
but how could I have known
or prepared any more if I had years
instead, with perfect faith
we took our leap
into the unknown together
and ten hours later
you carried me over the threshold
and we were home.


Cricket's Hearth said...

this was so sweet - and maybe it has all worked because you didn't have time to plan, only to just be in the moment and accept it as it came.

chckkysmile said...

Seriously? He threw an ice cube down your overalls? He WOULD.

paisley said...

a fairy tale to be sure......