Saturday, April 26, 2008

NaPoWriMo #20-26: my week

In some ways I'm regretting my decision to commit to NaPoWriMo during a month that has turned out to be unexpectedly emotional, stressful and busy. On the other hand, it's been good to have a reason to make time to write when I probably otherwise would have not. So, in a last-ditch attempt to get caught up, here's a series of seven hiaku: one for each day of this past week.


An apple, the core
of contention; humility
my bittersweet fruit.


Pained introspection
insight comes while folding clean
socks and underwear.


Frantic cleaning to
prepare for houseguests, worth it
to see my sister.


We eat salty teared
pancakes; miles away, they try
to stop his bleeding.


Pick up trash with kids
around neighborhood, save earth
one block at a time.


Woman to woman
shared wisdom gives me hope for
change and a new start.


Riding once more, wheels
turn, bringing inspiration
perspective, prayers.


paisley said...

well there now.. the pressure is off,, the month is nearly over,, and you produced a stellar weeks worth of haikus...

the first two being my favorites....

aubrey said...

katie, i'm sorry things have been crazy and busy and emotional. i enjoyed your haikus though.