Saturday, April 12, 2008

NaPoWriMo #12: flight

And the other prompt this week at Writer's Island was flight. It's a big relief to be caught up; no promises, but I'll do my best to not get behind again.

The weather here was absolutely lovely today. I went for an early bike ride, and it was just the right temperature, cool but sunny with no wind. We worked in the yard most of the morning and into the afternoon. Last fall we didn't get up all the leaves before it snowed, so we had several large piles that had matted down and choked patches of our lawn. We got all those leaves up, raked out several of the flowerbeds, including our little strawberry patch, and tore up all of last year's dead bamboo. Then we took it easy the rest of the afternoon.

After dinner, we went for a family walk around the neighborhood and enjoyed the sunset together. The prompt and all of the little wonderful moments from this perfect day are the inspiration for this poem.

Signs and Wonders

Sparrow’s wheeling flight while day’s last light
dyes a vaulted ceiling of sky
five perfect tiny fingers grasping one of mine
the example of a thousand ants working as one
my last moment of patience stretched just far enough
new strawberry runners shooting
from under brittle brown leaves
forgiveness humbly asked, freely granted
small miracles and tender mercies
I have no proof
no reason to believe
but these.

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