Sunday, April 20, 2008

NaPoWriMo #19: forgiveness

I did something really dumb, really mean today. It was awful. I felt terrible, and then I said I was sorry and asked the person I had hurt to forgive me. He said, "Thank you for the apology. I forgive you." And I knew he meant it.

That's the best gift I've gotten in a long time.


The question:
how can I
endeavor to deserve
such simple sweet
and utterly complete

The answer:
I can’t.

The miracle:
I don’t have to
deserve it.


paul maurice martin said...

Must have been good for him too. In 51 years of life on this planet, no one's ever asked for my forgiveness, even in a couple cases of major wrongdoing.

aubrey said...

lovely story. i agree that it is a wonderful gift.