Monday, November 05, 2007

Tri, tri again

Back at the beginning of October I got a clean bill of health from Dr. Herman and I was so excited to be able to start biking, swimming and running again.

Then I blinked, and October was gone.

So today was it. Halloween-candy-eating-couch-potato amnesty is over. I got back on my treadmill and it was a modest workout (I walked three miles in sixty minutes), but it was a workout. Feel the endorphins... ahhhhhhh!

I've got just under ten months until the Titanium Man Triathlon down in Kennewick. I did it a year ago Labor Day weekend, and I'm going to do it again in 2008. I'm starting out slow so I don't hurt myself; I went to, where I got a great training program last time around, and found one that will get me started: the "Aggressive Couch to 5K".

It's good to have a goal. I get things done when I have a goal.


aubrey said...

sweet, katie. lyd and i were walking around the park yesterday and she was saying that she wants to do a mini-triathalon. go, kaite, go!

lemon square said...

you've inspired me again
i've been trying to hit the gym more
but i'm not sure i could do a tri
i got on the treadmill this morning
and my right knee couldn't take it
i still have hope though
thanks for the boost