Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Crème de la crème

One of my oldest friends, Holly, lives in Munich with her husband and little boy. When Audrey was born, Holly sent me a parcel containing an adorable baby toy, some absolutely divine dark Swiss chocolate, and a tube of the best hand cream. Ever. For which I am truly grateful, because when you're washing your hands a gazillion times a day after changing lots of poopy diapers, good hand cream is worth its weight in platinum. Oh, and it smells like oranges. Mmmmm.

Gotta find somewhere I can get it on this side of the Atlantic. Soon.


aubrey said...

yummy. i love anything that smells of citrus. and a good hand cream is hard to come by. good luck finding it over here!

Holly said...

Actually, you can ... here's the US site -- looks like they're just setting it up.

I'll happily send you more -- the US price is shocking. Maybe I'll throw in more of that Swiss chocolate, too!

According to my trusty German/English dictionary, 'sanddorn' is 'sea buckthorn. You learn something new every day...

chicklegirl said...

Thanks for the info, Holly--that is a rather scandalous price, especially for someone like me who's used to buying whatever is cheap at Costco.

I would never turn away more chocolate (or lotion) but I don't want you to feel like you have to become my supplier! :)