Thursday, November 08, 2007

Strength courage & wisdom

Tonight I was back on the treadmill, listening to my workout mix on my @#$%! Sony mp3 player (but that's a story for another time), and into my ready ears flowed the words of one of my favorite tunes:

It's time to step out on faith
I gotta show my face
It's been elusive for so long
Freedom is mine today
I gotta step out on faith
It's time to show my face
Procrastination had me down
Look what I have found

I've found strength, courage and wisdom
It's been inside of me all along
Strength courage and wisdom
Inside of me

Gotta love India.Arie. Whenever I need the inspiration to take care of myself, this song renews my faith in my own ability to do what's necessary.

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lemon square said...

i saw her debut on the oprah show. she's great!