Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bosom buddy

Sorry. I lied. This post is in no way related to that hilarious 80s sitcom starring a very young Tom Hanks, Peter Scolari and the incomparable Holland Taylor.

What it is about is a totally cool baby gift I got from one of Jim's co-workers, Gail. The Bosom Buddy is an ingenious nursing shield made of light-weight fabric. It was always difficult to nurse Jimmy away from home because he was easily distracted and didn't like to have his head covered with a blanket. Audrey has been much easier to nurse in public, and in large part because of this gift. Gail's daughter makes them and sells them on her website. If you're looking for a thoughtful baby shower gift (or want one for yourself) check it out!

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, no, I wasn't paid for this post. I just believe in sharing a good product I like as much as warning away from a poor one (see below).

1 comment:

aubrey said...

oh ya! i loved my hooter hider when i needed to nurse out in public. though bosom buddy is a much more tactful name for it...