Sunday, November 04, 2007

Soul sistah

This weekend I drove over to Seattle with the kids to help out at my mom's while she underwent surgery to repair three ruptured discs in her back. The timing was unfortunate because she and my stepdad will be moving in a month or so, and both of them have had major health problems. Two of my sisters, Meredith and Dorothy, were also there and we spent as much time as we could packing and cleaning.

In between a bit of female bonding and comic relief.

Here and there.


aubrey said...

nice wig! that was sweet of you to head over here to help out with your mom and stepdad. i hope her surgery went fine and that you're not too worn out from packing and cleaning!

chicklegirl said...

Thanks, Aubrey. The surgery was successful, and my mom should be coming back home today.

I was pretty wiped out when I got home on Saturday night, but I played hooky from church yesterday (shhhh!)amd slept in, so now I'm feeling nice and rested.

Dory said...

That was such a great moment when you mugged with the wig. We all need to remember to laugh at ourselves and you seized that opportunity and just brought out the humor at the best possible moment. You are indeed my sistah soldier! Love you!

LItL d.

chckkysmile said...

And you say you don't like your picture taken... I have no idea why. :) Thanks a million for being amazing.