Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey day wrap up

The last twenty-four hours have been a whirlwind of flour, sugar, and other assorted ingredients. We finally got out the door at 2:30 this afternoon with a pecan pie, a chocolate pecan pie, an apple pie and a green bean casserole, and headed to Jim's parents' home for dinner. One of his brothers and one of his sisters were also there with their spouses and children; it was a spirited group with eight adults and six kids.

After dinner the adults relaxed, slipping closer to tryptophan-induced comas, and the kids played Wii. I sat on the couch cuddling with Audrey, who was feeling a bit slighted that I spent most of the morning baking while she had to watch from her bouncy seat. As we snuggled, I reflected on my blogging exercise in gratitude, trying to figure out an appropriate way to wrap it up. And it hit me: when life gets challenging (as it has for my family this year), I'm just so grateful for my faith, a healthy body, having family around me, and being financially able to have a bounteous meal without whipping out the Visa card to pay for the groceries.

This is one of those years, and that's enough for me.


aubrey said...

what a good way to wrap it up, katie. i'm glad you had a wonderful day yesterday. we just spent our thanksgiving with sundy and her family, then spent the night here. quiet, but the best kind of substitute when you can't be with family.

chicklegirl said...

Yeah, it's hard to not be with family. I had really wanted to go over to Seattle and spend it with my family for the last Thanksgiving in the house where I grew up. But taking my babies over the pass this time of year is too risky, so...

Glad you guys had a good one, and how fun to spend it with Dave, Sundy, Tychon and Estee.