Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NaPoWriMo #8: secret codes

I'm really grateful for the abundance of interesting prompts at Read Write Poem, which are helping me get caught up, but not just by churning out whatever. Here's a tanka based on the prompt to attribute a secret code to an unlikely source.

By the way, I got my inspiration for what to write about when I was out in the yard today cleaning up the winter mess and raking leaves off the flowerbeds. Over in the bed where our raspberries grow, I found some volunteer peony shoots breaking up through the leaves, so I transplanted them to another part of the yard where we have more peonies. In writing the poem, I did tweak the prompt a bit; rather than spelling out what the peonies are saying, it's implied by the title.


Can you read what is
written in young peony
shoots that, so yielding,
yet burst crimson to the sun
through a shroud of last year’s leaves?

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