Sunday, April 18, 2010

NaPoWriMo #11: elemental

I liked Read Write Poem's prompt to write a poem about one of the four elements. I confess to being a bit inspired by Robert Frost's "Fire and Ice," which I've always admired.

And just to show I'm willing to face my fears, I wrote it as a sonnet. I think Holly is right; getting caught up in the form helps to work through a block (thanks, Holly!)

Sonnet No. 3

I am man’s oldest friend and his most feared.
When underestimated I can turn
and in an hour leave a forest cleared,
razed in a raging furnace on the burn.
I glory in the smell of scorching flesh,
the ruins of a home charred down to earth,
devouring all that’s live and loved and fresh,
and leaving only ash and death and dearth.
For many years, my appetite had bounds;
millennia, my power limits knew—
but now, my old and cunning friend has found
ways to use me, once done, he can’t undo.
I will consume this world whole if I can,
but don’t thank me; the honor goes to man.

1 comment:

aubrey said...

absolutely beautiful. and powerful.