Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NaPoWriMo #12-14: flawed

I've had strep throat since Saturday and finally admitted to myself that staying up late writing sonnets wasn't doing me any favors. Thanks to the marvels of modern antibiotics, I'm feeling a lot better and am determined to finish off the month with a poem for every day. So, back to Read Write Poem for another quality prompt, which yielded a series of three haiku. They each can stand alone, or be read together as a single statement.

Of Use

A cracked bucket still
carries more than a perfect
porcelain teacup.

Even a dull axe
can be sharpened by skilled hands
to do its job well.

Who am I to be
less useful than an old axe
or leaky bucket?


Dyann said...

your poem prompted an involuntary thoughtful 'hm' sort of a sigh.

you really are gifted, sweetie.

chicklegirl said...

(blushing) Shucks!

chicklegirl said...

And thank you, thank you.