Saturday, April 17, 2010

NaPoWriMo #10: a challenge

That's what I get for venting about my NaPoWriMo woes on Facebook. One of my oldest friends, Holly, threw down the gauntlet and assigned me to write a sonnet. Oh, it gets better: she assigned me to write a sonnet using the words violet, harbor, stem, drink and absolution. (Did I mention she used to teach college-level English at Purdue?)

This is the first sonnet I've written since the last time I was assigned to write one, which was more than twenty years ago in Mr. Adams' class, my senior year in high school. This one isn't much better, but it does follow all the rules and include all the obligatory words.

I've learned my lesson. No more griping on Facebook.

Sonnet No. 2

Regret is nothing but a rueful brew;
its swill will slake the thirst of self-disdain.
Cold-pressed from grapes of loathing, left to stew,
it soils the soul with livid violet stain.
A better drink, contrition heals the heart,
dissolves away the icy thorns of spite
and in their place humility imparts
a bloom of hope to set transgressions right.
I taste of both the bitter and the sweet,
but absolution stems from only one.
In finally forgiving I’m complete;
I harbor no reproach for what I’ve done.
Each fault’s a jewel, ev’ry flaw a gem
when those mistakes have made me who I am.


Holly said...

second try at posting a comment... Well, I like it! Good job. I used to write sonnets when I was stuck, because I'd get caught up in the rules and forget the rest. Be glad: I could have said write a villanelle!

chicklegirl said...

A villanelle would have seemed easier, for me at least--I wrote one recently and really enjoyed it. For some reason, sonnets have always intimidated me--go figure.