Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Swing is the thing

Get 'em while they're hot! Fresh Jimmy pix! We got some swing time in yesterday after going to the doctor's office for what has now become my weekly check up (thanks to g.d.). My blood sugar counts have been too high in the mornings so I'll be taking Glyburide a half hour before breakfast each day to try and bring it down. Other than that, things look good. I actually lost a pound over the last week, bringing my total weight gain so far for this pregnancy down to twelve pounds (I'm taking a modest bow because I've worked really hard to be fit and healthy).

And for what could be the silver lining of g.d.'s storm cloud: I'll be having another ultrasound the third week in July. So what if it's to make sure the baby doesn't get too big; I'm just tickled to get another peek at my hand-wavin', bladder-tap-dancin' progeny!

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