Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Black fred or cookie sue?

Watch this space...

...for baby news! I'm having an ultrasound at four this afternoon. While I know I shouldn't get my hopes up about finding out whether it's a boy or girl, I confess I'm failing miserably.

Jim's family has a funny story: when his youngest brother Johnny was still little (maybe two years old), his mom was expecting Anna, their youngest. When asked what they should name the baby, Johnny, as the sensible guy he still is, gave it a great deal of consideration and then thoughtfully suggested names for both a boy and a girl: Black Fred and Cookie Sue. These being the days before routine ultrasounds, Jim's folks didn't find out whether they were having a boy or girl until the baby arrived. Apparently Jim was especially concerned about the gender of the new baby because if they had a boy, he was going to have to share his bedroom. He was at school while Anna was born, but his folks called and left a message for him at the school to put his mind at rest about keeping his own room: "It's a Cookie Sue!"

Black Fred or Cookie Sue... stay tuned.

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