Friday, July 20, 2007

I miss rain

The same day I baked chocolate banana bread, we got another treat: it rained. This spring and summer have been exceptionally dry here in central Washington; fortunately, we had a rather harsh winter with plenty of snow, so the reservoirs are full and we haven't had a water shortage. But rain in the middle of summer? Unexpected, to say the least.

While the bread was in the oven, Jimmy and I ran outside and enjoyed the cool, wet morning. I confess, it made me a bit homesick for Seattle. Born and raised in the northwest, I've always loved the rain, and while I enjoy living in an area that has four distinct seasons, I miss the lush green and quiet drizzle. For me, the grey days and steady, gentle downpour were somehow melancholy and comforting at the same time. Maybe because it was the perfect weather to go for a long walk by myself or curl up with a favorite book. For me, rain has a way of replenishing that goes beyond the obvious aspect of mere hydration... it feeds my soul, too.

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Crafty Green Poet said...

oh you can have our rain, please take it, all of it....