Sunday, July 08, 2007

Big brother bedroom

As I look at that, I realize it sounds rather Orwellian, but no, there's nothing sinister about this particular big brother bedroom.

At the end of yesterday afternoon's marathon fabric wallpapering session (I'm still washing the laundry starch out from under my fingernails) the herculean efforts of myself, Jim and our painting angels finally came together.

I should have taken a real "before" picture, but the first time I thought to do it was after we started painting. However, here's a handly little composite of the previous color palette (gag).

This was the halfway point of the paint job.

Behold, the hideous wallpaper I wanted so badly to cover. Sadly, I was unable to do anything about the carpet. Supposedly brown is a neutral, but I don't know if the same can be said of brown shag. Oh well.

And at long last, let's open the door to Jimmy's room and see the finished product.

Look! There's the chest of drawers Jim painted last weekend. Doesn't it look great? The school bus painting was a birthday present a couple of years ago from Jimmy's Nana.

I made the roman shades (which Jim reinstalled in the new room) back when we first moved into the Big Red House, and for the past week I've been knocking myself out sewing a matching bedskirt...

...matching festive flags for the ceiling (which tie together the walls, shades and Jimmy's favorite train blanket)...

...and a cute matching sign for the door (in case you forgot who's room this is).

A few shots showing off my lovely fabric wallpapering job...

...and our picturesque yet functional ironing board (whoops—wait a minute!)

Here's Jimmy this evening reading a bedtime story to his dad; with a only little coaching, he can get all the way through the "Blue's Clues" easy reader My Pet Turtle. Bedtime tonight was a little more mellow than last night.

He was so animated about the first night in his big brother bedroom, it took him a quite while to settle down to sleep. His excitement was the real payoff for me. It was extremely satisfying to see how this new room makes him feel special and loved, and all the aggravation and work of the last month has been a very small price to pay.

Now I can sit back and take a little breather before I start planning for the baby's room...


aubrey said...

wow!! that is a lot of work! congratulations. and i especially like the picturesque ironing board. ha ha! nice roman shades. when paul was in school back in the day and i was working full time, he was the housewife for a bit there and sewed some roman shades for our guest bedroom. i love jimmy's room, it's so cool!

aubrey said...

hey girlie, i gave you an award on my blog! much deserved.

chicklegirl said...

Thanks so much, Aubs! (for the compliments on Jimmy's room AND the award)