Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hi there, Mom and Dad!

Today was my 20-week ultrasound, and while the baby was so wiggly that it was difficult to determine gender, we got a treat every parent would love: our little one waved right at us! When we were watching it on the monitor, the baby's hand actually opened and closed several times in a little wave; the freeze-frame below gives a good idea.

When we tried to get a view from the bottom up, the feet moved furiously (as if to coyly say, "I'm not playing your game!") We finally got an unobstructed look and there didn't appear to be any boy parts, though Dr. Herman says not to go buying anything pink just yet. We'll have a last chance to find out boy/girl status when I have another scan at 30 weeks because the placenta is right in front of where my cesarean incision will be, and the doctor wants to make sure it has moved before doing the surgery. Other than that, everything looks great: a healthy, busy baby.


lidi said...

yeah! what a cute little hand! congrats and keep us posted!

Katie said...

Thank you, and will do! (yeah, try and keep me from telling *everyone*!)

Aubrey said...

yay katie! congratulations! SO funny that she/he was being coy and even waved at you guys. hopefully you'll get to see something at the 30 week scan. i can't wait to hear!