Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hot hot hot

Here in central Washington the weather is starting to scorch; since Independence Day the mercury has crept ever closer to 100. Thank goodness for Costco; last week we sojourned to Yakima and picked up a window AC unit, so the heat has been tolerable.

If I were smart, I would camp out upstairs next to the AC with a good book and never leave that spot, but no. On Monday I went up to the Ensign Ranch with the girls from my ward for our stake Girls' Camp. I got comments from several people who think I'm crazy for going up there in the heat when I'm seven and three-quarter months pregnant. Maybe, but I really love spending time with those girls—mosquitos, flat air mattresses, and adolescent silliness nothwithstanding. I never fail to be impressed with the miracle of what they learn from camp: appreciating the beauty of nature, overcoming their differences, building new friendships, showing great kindness to each other and their adult leaders, and deepening their relationships with God. For all those reasons, Girls' Camp helps me feel recharged and even though I don't get to stay the entire week, I always return feeling spiritually strengthened myself, with more appreciation and patience for my little family.

I got back last night and discovered that while I was gone, Aubrey bestowed upon me a most illustrious honor:

In passing this on, I may fall under criticism for nepotism, but I'm just so tickled that my own sisters have recently started blogging that I want give this award to them. So Dory, Ruth and Meredith—YOU ROCK! Go forth and share the glory!


aubrey said...

yay! you're rockin!

it sounds like you had such a nice time with the girls from your ward at girls camp. ensign ranch is a great place for it!

aubrey said...

p.s. my new blog address is aubreyannie.blogspot

chckkysmile said...

Yeah...I Do Rock...and so do you!
Love ya sis.
and when is baby coming?
I'm leaving somewhere around Sept. 1st...will she be making an appearance before then?