Thursday, July 26, 2007

Poetry thursday 7.26.07

Total Recall

Most methodically my mind measures
isolated incidents, images ingrained into
countless convoluted corridors of consciousness
this is how it seems as I
reluctantly recall, remember and reminisce
summoning from somewhere
begging, beseeching, bringing back from beyond
the most
remote reaches of my recollection
twisted tangles of time that torment
wonder I want to
forget, flee from
what once was
a past that perniciously, perpetually pursues
from which there is
no escape.


aubrey said...

i love that. how beautifully you put that into words.

Dana said...

This pops. I love the alliteration throughout and would love to hear this performed aloud.

...deb said...

Obsession is such a good poetic choice and your alliteration just punches it. (Yes to hearing this aloud.)

Lipstickx said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your poem.

Crafty Green Poet said...

strange how the mind works, isn't it...

paisley said...

oh,, i loved it... the repetition,, they play on words and sounds... i especially loved this line
"what once was"

when i say it it almost sounds as if they all start with the same letter... perfect....

gautami tripathy said...

"countless convoluted corridors of consciousness"

It simply rolls off the tongue!

Clare said...

Oh, this is very cool!! I love the sound of it and how you let one letter dance through whole lines -- very clever. This really flows too.

tumblewords said...

great sounds, loved the flow --