Tuesday, January 08, 2008

(Reluctantly) in love

After all the times love has
walked out on me
slammed the door in my face
stabbed me through the heart
(giving the knife a good twist)
stood me up
cheated me
cheated on me
sweet talked me
and then
taken me for all I have
I should be cynical—
face the fact “love” is an alias
for some nameless, selfish manipulation
and I, a victim of my own poor judgment—
but even after all this
some naïve, disobedient corner of my heart
that escaped the twist of the knife
jumps out of my chest
to throw itself at you . . .
and I watch you lace up your cleated shoes
hoping it means you have an excellent track record
and not that you plan to use them on
the foolish part of my heart
I’ve given to you.

(Note: This is a "vintage" piece I wrote a little over 13 years ago, right before I came up to Ellensburg for Thanksgiving to meet Jim's parents. The prompt at Writers Island for today was "Over the Horizon" and I thought this poem appropriate, as it is about heading over that final horizon of love.)


keith hillman said...

You clearly didn't have much luck before you met Jim! Great piece and despite its age, bang up to date. Loved it.

Dory said...

Chickle Girl,
Your vintage poems are some of my favorite poems ever. I am glad you brought this one out to share.

Preethi said...

Great Piece... "the foolish part of my heart
I’ve given to you." .. I hope it has worked out for you...

Over the Horizon

tumblewords said...

I, too, am glad you re-freed this!

No Cool Story said...

"..and I watch you lace up your cleated shoes..."
That's my fav part :)

Jeques said...

Love-poems are always timeless, especially when it's written using blood-stained ink from the heart, this poem obviously have that element. I bit your family's next generations would be reading this and feel the love still years from now.

I wish you well.

~ Jeques

Rambler said...

some naïve, disobedient corner of my heart
that escaped the twist of the knife
jumps out of my chest

Good that part of people's heart survive..It brings us hope beyond the horizon

Just Jen said...

It's an ageless piece...I'm glad you brought it back....thanks for pointing out my word error! it's fixed now

Brian said...

Thank you for visiting and commenting for Blessing. He gave us unconditional love.

chicklegirl said...

Keith--Actually, I'm glad no one else worked out because Jim and I are perfect for each other.

Dory--Thanks. I'll "resurrect" one every so often, okay?

Preethi--we'll be married 13 years in May, and are still going strong.

Tumblewords--thank you!

NCS--Yeah, that's my favorite part, too.

Jeques--I hope my posterity will enjoy it (or at least find it illuminating about my personality).

Rambler--Yeah, I think no matter how many times we fail at relationships, we have a basic need to be loved that overcomes our fear of trying again.

Jen--thanks (and you're welcome!)

Brian--thanks again for sharing that sweet poem about Blessing. I wish you peace during this hard time.

aubrey said...

beautiful, katie. i love it! it rings so true.

LittleWing said...

from beginning to end it is a beautiful piece filled with hope for a future filled with wonderful love...thank you