Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Addendum: style challenged

Baaa-aaa. Because I'm feeling a bit sheepish.

Here I was trying to have a little laugh at my own expense, but after reading my sister's comments on my "style challenged" post, clearly it backfired in a most unbecoming manner.

First, let me say that I in no way bear my stylish friends any ill will, nor do I covet their style. Maybe I covet the seeming effortlessness of their style, but I'm sure they actually put a lot of work into looking so great. I hope they will forgive me for being churlish.

Second, I'm deeply sorry for what appeared to be a blatant pity party. I'm not actually needing reassurance because I'm fully aware that the retro ghetto thing developed to serve certain needs: a) I'm a cheapskate with not a lot of time to shop; and b) what I do wear has to run the gamut from being spit up on to being covered in soot when I stoke the wood-burning stove. I think it's more what Dory said about changing things up: I see myself in the pajama pants and blah t-shirts or the gray sweatpants and sweatshirt that make me look like Rocky Balboa's less Italian twin and I'm hit with the realization that it's definitely time to change things up. Not to suit someone else's idea of style, per se, but to not feel so unfabulous because I'm making so little of an effort.

Does all that make sense?


aubrey said...

uh. i should have posted my comment to this addendum post rather than to the last post. ditto to what i just said. and in no way was i reading your post as a pity party, it was rather amusing.

aubrey said...

p.s. but i am very flattered that you would think me...what did you say, uber stylish? sweet.

chicklegirl said...

Girl, your style rocks. I know this is ground we probably covered before when we had that whole "you totally intimidated me before I got to know you" conversation, but that's definitely one of the things about you that held me in awe (and still does!) So, all your hard work is paying off, because you really do make it look effortless (and I find it tremendously comforting that you do sometimes dress like a slob--thanks for that!)

No Cool Story said...

Ah, she is your sister.

Aubrey style does rock she is, in fact, uber stylish and yeah, she does intimidate...then you find out she's totally cool and sweet.

Anyway, about you: You are comfortable with what you wear. There.

I buy most of my pants at the Goodwill. It takes me forever to find a good pair, but this makes me feel incredibly smart and frugal and I then look like this :)

chicklegirl said...

NCS, my personal thrift faves are Value Village and Salvation Army (both down in Yakima), because the local Goodwills are so picked-over and over-priced. It's worth the quest to find that perfect score that makes you feel, like you said, both smart and frugal.

Dory said...

Dear chicklegirl and friends, you all rock! I am so glad to find that you all are sister soldiers. It isn't easy to navigate our way through the twisted paths of society. Our ability to get through life with friendship and support for one another says so much more about our style than anything else that I can think of.

aubrey said...

wow. i am flattered again. and i love what dory is saying about us being sister soldiers and here to support one another as we navigate through life. i fully agree!

chckkysmile said...

I've always admired both of my sisters personal styles, but must admit that I think of myself as the most fashion-forward of the sibs. And the most humble :) (jk)

And Katie, I've ALWAYS thought you looked like you could be Italian ;) I just figured it was due to your beautiful olive complexion, but I guess it was the sweatsuit.

chicklegirl said...

Meredith, gee, uh, thanks (I think?) (♥U2, girly!)