Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I'm leaving home today
I've packed safely away
each possession, some to take with me
and some that have to stay.
Boxes full of treasure
memories to measure
from childhood, so long ago
some full of pain, some pleasure
heirlooms of my youth passed by
each is laid (with a sigh)
gently in its place until
the box is full; then I
begin to pack the things I'll take
hopes I cherish, plans I make
as I sail toward future dreams, leaving
the memories in my wake.


Crafty Green Poet said...

you've captured the bittersweetness of moving really well here.

Preethi said...

Very vivid and beautiful.. the emotions come through so well....

The treasure

jadey said...

Very nicely done.

No Cool Story said...

crafty green poet said it all.
That is beautiful.

keith hillman said...

A beautiful piece.

tumblewords said...

Oh, yes - lovely! Vivid imagery.

Tammy said...

I just went through this and your poem expressed it beautifully.

Chris said...

Wonderful poem!

LittleWing said...

chicklets...great fun!!!...i have moved so much...and everytime it always comes down to the boxes...what i cherish and keep and what goes...your poem has spoken so beautifully of these memories...i bought a house and havent moved in 9 years...happyhappy