Thursday, January 10, 2008

After dinner conversation

I took the kids grocery shopping this afternoon and while we were on the frozen foods aisle, I let Jimmy pick out dessert. A boy after my own heart, he chose Blue Bunny's Bunny Tracks ice cream (they also make a sugar-free version—yay!) Now, ordinarily Jimmy has pretty good table manners (for being four), but tonight after dinner...

Jimmy: "Mom, I'm ready for dessert."
(Prolonged pause, in which I cup my hand up to my ear and look at him expectantly.)
Me: (finally) "I need to hear you say something else before I get your ice cream."
(Jimmy looks puzzled.)
Jim: "I think Mom is waiting to hear you say the magic word."
Jimmy: "The magic word?"
Jim: "You know, the magic word you should say when you want something..."
Jimmy: (thinking hard) "Uh... train!"
Jim: (unsuccessfully stifling laughter) "No, that would be please."
Jimmy: "Oh! Mom, may I please have some of that bunny crack ice cream?"

Yeah, Jim and I both lost it at that point.


aubrey said...

lol. and i LOVE bunny tracks ice cream. now i'm going to have that in my head next time i'm on the ice cream aisle. lol. and who knew "train" was the magic word? hmm..

Dory said...

That's so funny. I love four.

No Cool Story said...

Bunny crack ice cream train!
Hilarious :D


great week-end