Monday, December 10, 2007

Sock monkey lovin’

It wouldn’t be Christmas for me without sock monkeys. My Aunty Joan gave me one on my sixth Christmas, an old-school long and skinny sock monkey (’cause this was about 1975) that I named Parachute Panatti. I would swing him around by the tail like some primate slingshot and then let go so he sailed triumphantly through the air. What can I say? I was six.

Oh, how I loved him. When I was eighteen and the time came to move out and pack or purge my treasures, Panatti was one of the few who made the cut. Currently he’s holed up in my shrine to childhood memorabilia, a Rubbermaid Roughneck storage tote down in my sewing room.

Mom remembers about me and Panatti, so when she found a sock monkey tree ornament a couple of years ago, she sent it my way. And then last year for Christmas she gave me pink flannel sock monkey pajamas. I had just gotten pregnant, so I couldn’t wear them more than a few times before my pregnant belly was too big, and they were some of the first pre-pregnancy clothes I couldn't wait to squeeze into when I lost all my baby weight.

Lately I’ve been thinking it’s time to expand my sock monkey wardrobe, perhaps add some matching slippers to go with my jammies. So when I saw the picture below on No Cool Story’s blog this morning, I knew it's time to start saving my pennies. Do you think that big red bow will make me look too busty?


lyd said...

roxy's our "monkey" so i've been working on a sock monkey quilt/pjs/etc. for Christmas this year. in my search i came across that same photo a few months ago. hilarious, but pricey!

Mr. Talkypants said...

No such thing as 'too busty'! 8^)

That said, I actually thing that would work better for you than the waif-ish model (someone give that skinny girl a sandwich!) - the big skirt makes her look like someone stuck a toothpick in an ice-cream cone. A little more on top will actually balance the whole thing out nicely.

So speaketh the best heterosexual male fashion advisor you'll ever meet!


No Cool Story said...

:) You DO love sock monkeys!!

This is my advice (free) to you: "Chicklegirl, reach for your dreams because sweet dreams are made of this. Who am I to disagree?
Travel the world and the seven seas. Everybody's looking for something"

chicklegirl said...

Lyd--You're right; it is a bit spendy. But for the perfect evening look, I'm willing to splurge.

Dean--No. Comment. Other than, pass me a sandwich.

NCS--How could you tell? And yes, I'm reaching. Reaching for my Eurythmic CD because now that song is stuck in my head!