Thursday, December 13, 2007

Going AWOL

Family visits, a sick kid, and a possible trip out of town (but only if the sick kid gets better) all mean that this week I have not been and will probably not be posting. So much.


No Cool Story said...

I hope your baby gets better and that your trip is a happy one.

Thanks for my present, I'll be thinking about you ;)

Dory said...

Hye Sweet Sister,

I hope you had a great trip. I know that it's hard to do much with sick kids. Love to you and the family.

chicklegirl said...

Jimmy had a bout of stomach flu that fortunately ended just in time for me leave him with his Aunt Chantalle and Cousin Mariska, and head over to Mom's on Friday morning.

Audrey and I had a great trip. The road over the pass was bare and wet, and we had fun visits with Dr. Alden (my favorite college professor), Mom and Mark, Clark and Julia, Ramona and Aidan, and Meredith. And on top of that, we were able to sort through and box up most of the family history stuff hiding in Mom's office and the upstairs. A fun and productive trip--yay!