Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ironing elves

Pssssst! Can you keep a secret? We're kind of strapped this Christmas with paying off hospital bills (that's not the secret, though) so I've been trying to get creative with gifts for Jim. In the past I've given him various home-made coupons for romantic evenings and other services rendered, none of which he's ever actually presented for redemption. So this year I decided to bypass coupons. I haven't told Jim yet, but one of his Christmas presents is that for the whole month of December, every night before I go to bed I'm ironing clothes for him to wear to work the next morning.

Monday at 6:45 a.m. he found the first freshly pressed outfit hanging in his side of the closet. When he asked me if I had done it I said, with a studiedly unconvincing innocent look, "It must be ironing elves." I'm just waiting to see how many mornings he can hold out before breaking down and asking what's up.


aubrey said...

pure genius! katie, you are awesome!

chicklegirl said...

Yeah, but I finally figured out that I have to start ironing things during the day while Jim's at work, because I'm not getting enough sleep if I wait until after he goes to bed!