Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Strange bedfellows

We adopted Will and Fiona from the King County pound at the end October 1999, right after we moved to a new apartment that allowed pets. By the time a baby came along in 2003, the cats were entrenched as the resident roost-rulers. It has been only recently that Will tentatively established a relationship with Jimmy and finally forgave us for bringing home a usurper (interesting that Jimmy's given name, James, means "supplanter"). For Fiona, the jury is still out.

In the last month or so, Will has started joining us for bedtime stories, camping out on the furthest corner of the bed so that he can get some time with his people while maintaining a safe distance from eager fingers. As soon as the lights are out and prayers and songs are over, he leaves with me and returns to the safer realms downstairs. Which is why the scene above was such a surprise to me when I went to check on Jimmy the other night, before going to bed.

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aubrey said...

oh that IS interesting. how sweet!