Monday, May 14, 2007

Extreme makeover: chicklegirl edition

Or maybe I should call this "Sleep Deprivation, Again". Yeah, I decided it was time for a new look. I was thinking something a little cleaner, a little more playful, and above all, something visually representative of my chickliness. While I realize chicle tab gum is not the height of sophistication, those who know me also know I have no pretensions in that direction. And as the saying goes, "Even an old barn looks better with a fresh coat of paint."

Since I took a nap on Sunday afternoon and wasn't feeling tired come bedtime, the time was ripe to do all the requisite crazymaking tweaks in Paintshop and HTML. I've now effectively killed three hours of prime sleep time. What have I learned from this? Even when I'm sick, no naps for me! Suffering will follow in mere hours, I'm certain.


lemon square said...

i love the makeover- i wish i knew how to do that stuff!

chicklegirl said...

lidi, I'll email you with all my secrets!