Monday, May 21, 2007

It's over, sugar

I got some bad news today. I went in this morning for my normal monthly prenatal check-up, did the usual: peed in a cup, got my blood pressure checked, listened to the baby's heartbeat on the doppler. Then Jimmy and I went for a swim at the public pool, and when we got back there was a message on the machine from Debbie, my doctor's nurse. Apparently they found traces of sugar in my urine, and so instead of going in mid-June for my glucose screening, I am now going in this Thursday. Oh, yay—I don't have to wait to chug down that nasty test beverage and get my blood drawn (needles are one of my least favorite things ever). Here's hoping that the test will be negative.

The whole thing has got me thinking, though. Shortly before I got pregnant with Jimmy, I started on a sugar-free diet, which I stuck to faithfully up through my fifth month—when we went on a cruise and I tanked. Even so, I got back on the wagon and didn't have any problems with gestational diabetes during that first pregnancy. Off and on since then I've gone sugar-free; most recently it was last summer when I was training for a triathlon. From late May to September, I stayed sugar-free and after the triathlon was over, I bought myself a cute Rosie the Riveter biking jersey ("We Can Do It!") as a reward for all my hard work.

I've decided that whether the test results from this coming Thursday are positive or negative, it's time to get back on the sugar-free wagon. It won't be easy. For one thing, I've got a wicked sweet tooth. I can keep it under control as long as my cupboards are cleared of foods that are off limits. For another another thing (and this one is the hardest), my son and husband love to bake; that's their male bonding time (go figure). In the past when I've gone sugar-free I've gotten the sad-puppy-eyes from Jim who feels like having the house be emptied of sugary junk is a personal affront to him. But I think I'll be getting a little more support now that it's a medical issue. So wish me luck. I'm putting it here in black and white to help myself stick to my guns and do what I know will be best for me (and the baby): no sugar until I eat a piece of Jim's home-made carrot cake for birthday #38 this October. We can do it!


lemon square said...

so, i think i told you friday i was trying to go sugar free- saturday morning i tanked. my blood sugar was so low i was lying on the lovesac making my girls raid the cupboards for candy and we all ate gummy worms for breakfast. it's been pretty much all down hill from there. but i'll try again- tomorrow.

Pauline said...

Wishing you luck - fighting that sweet tooth is one battle that's worth it but it takes its toll, doesn't it? Thanks for stopping by my site and commenting.

chicklegirl said...

Pauline, thanks for the encouragement!

Lidi, hang in there. Don't throw in the towel just because you've had a bad day (or two or three!) If you need an "accountability buddy", just let me know. Because as they say, misery loves company... and besides, I remember from my previous sugar-free experiences that the misery usually only lasts for the first week or two until you're done with "the shakes".

aubrey said...

good luck! you can do it. that sounds so similar to how paul acts when i throw away junk food or tell him no snacks or sweets after dinner. he gets all sad and feels like it's an insult to him. it's healthy, baby! and healthy for YOUR baby. you can do it, you can do it!